Professional Networking Services (PNS) began in October 2014. Karen Milliner founded and developed training programs for various networking issues her clients encountered, from building elevator speeches and networking plans to creating tag lines and evaluating speakers and their presentations.  The company also provided professional presenters when clients couldn’t fulfill their roles.  As time went on, clients weren’t asking for the representation as much as they wanted to become better presenters.  By adding the body language component, clients began to really understand how to become more dynamic during their presentations and to identify how their audience perceived the presented information.  Expanding the business model to include Personality Profiling and Lie Detection opened a wider audience to the world of neurolinguistic communication. 

Increasing business with the ability to educate, entertain, and engage audiences, both small and large, PNS brought on additional trainers and researchers to expand its two sister companies: We Speak for You Speaker’s Bureau, LLC and Speaking of You CEU Training, LLC.

Reaching clients, from regional to international, PNS found recognition by specializing in neurolinguistic and neuroscience communication and training. Naturally, since the essence of the company had transitioned and expanded, rebranding was the next logical step. 
Linguistical: The Art of Communication,
was born in 2018.


'Karen Milliner has a passion and a willingness to share her knowledge to help you grow; [she] leaves her clients feeling empowered. She truly has a gift. Karen can coach anyone to improve; she makes an impact on everyone she meets.'

Kelly Meyers Rothberg
Administrative Assistant, Harshaw Trane
LPGA Class A Teaching Professional & Retired Head Women’s Golf Coach

“Karen is a fantastic speaker and presenter. I have had the pleasure of watching her deliver emotional speeches, funny speeches and everything in between."

Theresa Reno-Weber
President & CEO, Metro United Way



Speech or Presentation Coach/Evaluations – beginner to advanced

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Specialty Training:

  • Body Language

  • Lie Detection Techniques

  • Personality Profiling

  • Effective Communication Techniques

  • Business Etiquette

  • Networking/Event Techniques

Also offering:
Customized Training Opportunities

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